About Us

International Study is a leading company in the field of student services, established in Georgia in 2017.

We have contributed to boosting the cultural and educational level of Georgia and have enrolled over 1500 students in various universities, starting from medical fields to engineering and literature. Thanks to God, we have priority in reserving seats for our students in different universities due to the large number of students we have every year. You can see the admissions of our students through Facebook and Instagram.

We have a professional team that works on assisting our students, starting from providing free university consultations, to offering a range of premium services that every student needs, until they arrive in Georgia and complete all the residence procedures.

Our mission is to empower students to study and help them achieve their desired goals, which is an important step in their future lives, considering the distinguished and recognized Georgian universities in Arab and European countries. We are always working to lend a helping hand to the student through our presence in Georgia, providing the best educational level and creating a suitable environment that encourages creativity and excellence. Therefore, we constantly strive to maintain our prestigious position in the field of student services and uphold the quality of service provided to students while continuously developing it.