7 Reasons to Consider Studying in Georgia

Georgia has become a preferred educational destination for students from around the world, as it is open to all nationalities ..

Studying in Georgia

Georgia has become a preferred educational destination for students from around the world, as it is open to all nationalities and provides all the necessary facilities through the Georgian government. This is especially true with the recent developments and investments in the country’s education sector, with nearly a quarter of the state budget allocated to educational development. In this article, we will discuss the most important reasons that motivate international students to apply for studies in Georgia. Join us to learn more.

A Brief Overview of Georgia

Georgia is a small country located between Asia and Europe in the Caucasus region. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, steep mountains, glacial rivers, and seasonal activities that capture the hearts of visitors. These qualities make it a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of tourists annually from all over the world.

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The official language spoken in the country is Georgian, which is one of the oldest languages in the world. English is also widely used as a second language among foreigners in the country, in addition to Russian. Regarding religion, Christianity is the predominant faith among the Georgian population, with a minority Muslim population representing about 10% of the total population. However, the people of Georgia, with their diverse religions, ethnicities, and languages, are known for their friendliness and hospitality, making it easy for anyone to feel like one of them. This is why many international students from different countries around the world prefer to apply for studies in Georgia, ensuring a safe and enriching academic experience.

7 Reasons to Consider Studying in Georgia

Studying abroad after high school is a goal for thousands of students each year, as they search for exceptional university education opportunities in internationally recognized institutions. One of the countries that offers outstanding higher education and postgraduate studies for students is Georgia, located in the Caucasus region. Every year, thousands of international students from different countries, cultures, and nationalities are drawn to Georgia. According to a report published by the Immigration Issues Committee in 2017, Georgia hosted over 4,000 foreign students in 2013. Furthermore, based on statistics from 2016, the number of foreign students in Georgia exceeded 13,000, representing 87 different countries. The majority of international students (95%) study in Tbilisi, 2.2% in Kutaisi, and 1.8% in Batumi. Indians, Arabs, and Nigerians make up the majority of foreign students, with Azerbaijan ranking first among them, and most of its students studying in the Georgian language.

In general, studying in Georgia provides students with an opportunity to receive a high-quality academic education, experience a rich student life, explore the history and culture of one of the oldest civilizations, and enjoy a safe living environment with friendly people. Additionally, students can take advantage of the opportunity to visit historical landmarks and stunning natural sites during holidays and official breaks. Here are the main reasons that compel international students to decide to study in Georgia:

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1. Cost of Education in Georgia

One of the significant reasons to consider studying in Georgia is the lower cost of higher education compared to other European universities. Georgia offers academic programs for international students at affordable tuition fees. Moreover, there are student exchange programs that allow students to study for a full semester at internationally recognized universities with which Georgia has partnerships.

Additionally, Georgia stands out for its lower cost of living. It provides economical options for international students to afford expenses related to accommodation, food, and transportation. There are plenty of popular markets that offer essential products for living at very affordable prices, ensuring that students can study without worrying about the cost of living in Georgia.

2- University Facilities

Georgian universities are distinguished by their modern facilities and equipment, ensuring that students receive the best possible education. This creates a stimulating educational environment that greatly prepares students for their professional careers after graduation. All universities have well-equipped classrooms, as well as laboratories and libraries that provide students with all the necessary references during their study period. The universities also prioritize the recreational aspect for students by providing student clubs, cafeterias, and a wide range of sports activities that students can engage in during their time at the university.

3- Emphasis on Practical Training

We recommend students who prefer to study medicine abroad consider studying in Georgia. This is because of the excellent medical programs offered in addition to the universities’ focus on practical training within university-affiliated hospitals. There are several universities in Georgia that specialized in medical programs, including:

To gain the necessary confidence to become a successful healthcare practitioner, it is essential to acquire good practical experience. Georgian medical universities place significant emphasis on clinical training to ensure that students practice their practical skills in a safe and supervised environment.


4- Qualified Faculty Members

Higher education in Georgia stands out for having the best academics and qualified faculty members from various countries and nationalities. This guarantees students a distinctive and high-quality education, which, in turn, prepares them to effectively integrate into the job market after graduation. Many students aspire to apply for study programs in Georgia after completing their secondary education or pursuing postgraduate studies to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees from renowned universities in Georgia.

5- International Accreditation

One of the key advantages of studying in Georgia is the accreditation of its universities. All Georgian universities have been accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Council in Georgia, and many of them are recognized in various Arab and Western countries. This allows students to receive a university education from internationally accredited institutions and obtain an accredited academic degree that qualifies them to work in any country worldwide. However, students need to ensure that the university they wish to study at is accredited within their own country before deciding to apply for studies in Georgia.

6- A Unique Experience in a Historically Rich Country

The benefits of studying in Georgia extend beyond education alone; it also offers a unique life experience in a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. Georgia is one of the significant European countries with a deep-rooted history and distinctive historical landmarks, as well as unique architectural art. Additionally, it is located in the Caucasus region, known for its majestic mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and stunning beaches. All of this allows students the opportunity to explore the picturesque natural landscapes, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage of the country, making their study abroad experience truly unique and remarkable.

7- Safe and Welcoming Environment

One of the key advantages of studying in Georgia is that it is known for its friendly and welcoming people who always greet their guests with open arms. During your studies, you can expect to build strong connections with the warm-hearted Georgian people that can last a lifetime. You will undoubtedly feel at home during your stay, thanks to the renowned Georgian hospitality. Of course, one of the most important factors that international students and parents look for when deciding to study abroad after high school is the factor of safety. Georgia provides its students with a safe and comfortable environment, with a friendly and cooperative population that extends a helping hand to all its guests.

Requirements for Admission to Georgian Universities

Higher education in Georgia offers one of the best educational opportunities for international students looking to study abroad after high school. Georgia provides a distinctive university education and an effective academic environment through its top-notch educational facilities and student exchange opportunities with internationally recognized universities. Additionally, the cost of living in Georgia is relatively low, ensuring that students can have a remarkable study period. However, to apply for studies in Georgia and benefit from the study abroad experience, there are several requirements and procedures that you, as an international student, need to take into account. The most important of these procedures are:

  1. Submission of the high school diploma or its equivalent, recognized by the Ministry of Education in Georgia.
  2. 2 Students are required to fill out the application for the university they are interested in and submit it within the specified deadline.
  3. Valid passport.
  4. Recent passport-sized photograph.
  5. Passing an English language test such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  6. Payment of the required tuition fees, which vary depending on the university and the chosen program.
  7. Proof of payment of fees.
  8. 8 Letter of recommendation.

In conclusion, we have discussed in this article the most important reasons that drive international students to apply for studies in Georgia. Now that you are familiar with these reasons, you can make a clear decision regarding your study abroad journey. If you have any further inquiries about traveling or studying in Georgia, you can contact the International Study team to obtain all the information and recommendations that will assist you in your educational destination.

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