9 of the most famous places to visit in Georgia

Georgia, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia, has become a popular tourist destination due to its ..

places to visit in Georgia

Georgia, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and West Asia, has become a popular tourist destination due to its diverse tourist sites, rich history, and unique culture. It possesses some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, including the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast.

places to visit in Georgia

Georgia is also one of the oldest countries in the world, with a history that extends thousands of years. It is home to ancient churches, fortresses, and archaeological sites, and it possesses important UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the old capital of Mtskheta, the rock-hewn city of Uplistsikhe, and the medieval monasteries of Gelati and Bagrati. All of this makes Georgia a remarkable tourist destination.

Places to Visit in Georgia

Here, we will discuss the most important tourist attractions in Georgia that you can visit to explore the country’s history, culture, and breathtaking natural landmarks.

1. Ananuri

Ananuri Castle, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, is located in a prominent location on the road from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. It is a significant historical landmark that witnessed numerous battles in Georgia and the Caucasus region over the centuries.

The castle complex includes two churches: the larger Church of the Virgin and a smaller church. Both churches date back to the 17th century and contain remnants of ancient murals, beautiful iconostasis, and tombs of some of the kings who ruled the region since the 13th century. For the best view of the castle and its surrounding area, you can climb the tower opposite the castle.


2. Davit Gareja Monastery

Davit Gareja Monastery, located on the border with Azerbaijan, is another tourist attraction in Georgia that is even more impressive in person than in pictures. The monastery was founded in the 6th century by Davit, one of the thirteen Assyrian monks who arrived in Georgia. He used to live in one of the caves on the mountainside, and after the establishment of the monastery, it became one of the most important religious and cultural centers in the Caucasus region.

These are just a couple of examples of the many incredible tourist attractions in Georgia. The country’s vibrant culture and traditions, such as Georgian polyphonic singing and traditional dances, offer a deep insight into its rich cultural heritage. Georgia is also known for its warm hospitality, where the Georgian people are renowned for their warmth and generosity. The traditional Georgian feast, known as “Supra,” is a true embodiment of this hospitality. Moreover, the country is famous for its traditional Georgian cuisine, featuring a delightful blend of flavors, including famous dishes like Khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and Khinkali (dumplings), along with a variety of meat and vegetable dishes to suit different tastes.

Whether you travel to Georgia for study, travel, or tourism, you will find a unique and unforgettable experience in this stunning country. Now that you have a brief introduction to Georgia, let’s explore some of the most beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit to have a remarkable vacation experience that you won’t find in any other country.

3. Gelati Monastery

When you enter the sacred halls of Gelati Monastery, you will feel like you have traveled back in time. Founded in 1106 by King David the Builder, one of the greatest rulers in Georgian history, Gelati Monastery is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Georgia. It is a masterpiece of architectural design representing the Georgian Golden Age (late 11th to the 13th century). The walls are adorned with intricate frescoes and stunning mosaics. In the past, Gelati Monastery was the main cultural and intellectual center of the country. It was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List for its exceptional universal value.

Gelati is not just an architectural marvel; it is also an important center of learning. The monastery housed an academy where scholars from all over would gather to study theology, philosophy, and various sciences. It is a place where the mind and the soul find nourishment, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Georgia for history enthusiasts and seekers of spirituality alike.

The monastery is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, with lush green hills cascading down and the air filled with the fragrance of beautiful flowers. It is a tranquil place that invites contemplation and admiration. Gelati is more than just a religious site; it is a testament to Georgia’s enduring spirit and cultural richness.

4. Motsameta Monastery

Motsameta Monastery is located on the road between Kutaisi and Gelati and dates back to the 11th century. It enjoys a beautiful location on the edge of a cliff above the deep valley of the Tskhaltsitela River. The name of the monastery means “the place of the martyrs,” and legend has it that there is a secret passage connecting Gelati Monastery and Motsameta Monastery.

5. Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park is located not far from Batumi and is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Georgia. This natural area is known for its stunning beauty, featuring towering mountains, wild forests, hidden waterfalls, and ancient stone bridges built centuries ago. What makes Mtirala Park special is its location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

6. Svaneti

Svaneti is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Georgia. Located in the northwestern part of the country, Svaneti is a popular region in the Greater Caucasus Mountains that offers breathtaking views. It attracts visitors with its rich history and ancient culture, as well as its unique natural landscapes. The main town in the Svaneti region is Mestia, which serves as a base for exploring Svaneti. It can be easily reached via a marshrutka from Zugdidi or by direct flights from Tbilisi. From there, you can reach the town of Ushguli near Shkhara, the highest peak in Georgia. Thanks to its architectural landmarks in the Svaneti region, especially the watchtowers, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Gonio Beach

Gonio Beach epitomizes the allure of the Black Sea, offering a sunny paradise with a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Stretching for 1.2 kilometers, the beach provides ample space for sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, or simply strolling along the shore. The beach is known for its clear waters and waves, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in Georgia, especially for medical tourism.

While the beach itself is a major attraction, the nearby Gonio Fortress adds a historical dimension to your visit to the area. Dating back to the 1st century AD, this Roman fortress offers a glimpse into the rich past of the region. Walking through the fortress walls, you’ll feel the blend of civilizations that have shaped the country of Georgia. Truly, this area is a fusion of history and nature, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Georgia.

8. Kazbegi National Park

Located in the upper part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, Kazbegi National Park is a world of towering peaks and stunning landscapes. Mount Kazbek is the most prominent landmark in Kazbegi National Park and one of the highest and most famous mountains in Europe, reaching an elevation of 5,047 meters. It has been the subject of ancient myths, adding an element of mystery to the area.


9. Kobuleti Beach

Kobuleti Beach is one of the most important tourist destinations in Georgia, attracting tourists for its therapeutic tourism. Kobuleti Beach extends as a pebble-paved paradise that offers a different kind of beach experience. The unique pebbles that stretch along the shore are not only distinctive but also used for therapeutic purposes. Local residents and tourists alike come to this beach for walks, natural therapy, and warm sunbathing.

The beach is also famous for its mineral-rich sand, which possesses healing properties. Visitors come to the beach specifically for the therapeutic mud baths. Along the shore, there are lined cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisines.

Kobuleti also provides a variety of water sports such as sailing and jet skiing. Overall, due to its natural landscapes and rich history, Kobuleti stands out as one of the top tourist destinations in Georgia, offering relaxation and adventure to visitors.

In conclusion, if you desire a unique tourist experience in a European country rich in culture and historical landmarks, Georgia is undoubtedly your first choice. Throughout this article, we have covered 9 of the most famous and important historical landmarks and tourist attractions in Georgia that you can visit. Feel free tocontact us for more information about traveling to Georgia.


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