7 Factors for Choosing the Best Place to Live in Tbilisi for International Students

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is one of the most popular destinations for international students who decide to study abroad ..

the Best Place to Live in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is one of the most popular destinations for international students who decide to study abroad after high school. It combines a rich historical and cultural character with an attractive environment, making it an ideal city for living and studying. However, finding the best place to live in Tbilisi can be a challenge for many new international students. In this article, we will provide some suitable places for international students to live in Tbilisi, so let’s delve into it.

Studying in Georgia:

Georgia is an excellent destination for international students seeking higher education, as Georgian universities are known for their high academic standards and English-language instruction. This contributes to providing an ideal educational environment for international students. Moreover, they offer diverse study programs in fields such as medicine, engineering, economics, social sciences, and arts, allowing students to make optimal choices based on their interests and academic requirements. One of the main concerns for students traveling and studying in Tbilisi, Georgia, is finding the best place to live near universities to ensure a safe and peaceful stay.

The best place to live in Tbilisi

The Best Place to Live in Tbilisi:

There is a variety of accommodation options available for international students in Tbilisi, ranging from apartments to shared houses and hostels. If you are looking for the best place to live in Tbilisi, you should know that the cost of housing varies depending on the type of accommodation you choose, the neighborhood you live in, and the duration of your stay.

Residential apartments are the most popular choice for international students in Tbilisi as they provide privacy and more space compared to houses or shared accommodations. They can also be rented at a relatively reasonable price. On the other hand, hostels offer a cost-effective solution as they provide shared bedrooms and bathrooms. This makes them a favorable choice for students on a limited budget. Therefore, when choosing your place of residence in Tbilisi, it is important to consider your budget, needs, and the area you want to live in and explore multiple options to have the opportunity to choose suitable accommodation for you.

Tips for Finding Accommodation in Tbilisi:

  • Early research for accommodation is one of the most important steps to ensure getting the best place to live in Tbilisi.
  • Prices of apartments and properties vary significantly, so it is important to clearly define your budget.
  • Consider your needs when searching for your place of residence, such as the number of bedrooms, apartment size, and amenities that matter to you.
  • You can get recommendations from the university as it may assist you in finding accommodation that suits your needs.
  • Use reputable accommodation agencies to ensure obtaining a safe place to live.

Live in Tbilisi

Best Places to Live in Tbilisi:

  • The Vake district is considered one of the most ideal neighborhoods to live in Tbilisi. It features a central location in the heart of the city and a peaceful nature. It offers many student apartments and houses suitable for students’ budgets.
  • The Saburtalo district is a popular residential area among international students in Tbilisi. This neighborhood is known for providing necessary services and facilities such as restaurants, shops, and shopping centers. It also has many furnished apartments and affordable student accommodations.
  • If you are looking for an area that combines historical and cultural character, Sololaki district is your ideal choice. It houses numerous tourist attractions, cafes, and distinctive restaurants.
  • Vera district is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tbilisi and is characterized by its beautiful architecture, narrow streets, and small shops. Many student apartments are located in this neighborhood, offering a peaceful and comfortable living environment.

Factors for Choosing Accommodation in Tbilisi:

As mentioned earlier, studying in Georgia is a great choice for international students who want to study abroad. However, there are challenges related to living and accommodation in Georgia. If you want to find the best place to live in Tbilisi for a comfortable and safe study period, there are several factors to consider:

1. Location:

The location is one of the key factors to consider when choosing the best place to live in Tbilisi. Therefore, choose an area close to the university you will be studying at and near public transportation to facilitate your commute between university and home. The accommodation should be in an area with all essential facilities and services such as restaurants, shops, and pharmacies.

2. Safety:

You should prioritize your safety and security during your stay and studies in Tbilisi, Georgia. Therefore, check the reputation of the area you plan to live in and research safe neighborhoods with security systems. You can also check neighborhood ratings and search for student forums to get experiences from previous students. However, in general, you don’t have to worry too much about safety in Tbilisi because Georgia is known for having one of the highest safety rates among European countries. The Georgian people are friendly and welcoming to guests, considering them as a gift from God.

These are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best place to live in Tbilisi as an international student. It’s important to thoroughly research and explore different options to find the accommodation that suits your needs, budget, and preferences.


3. Cost:

The cost of apartments and properties in Georgia varies depending on the area, the quality of facilities, and the services provided by the accommodation. Therefore, it is important to determine your budget to find the best place to live in Tbilisi. Decide whether you are looking for a luxury apartment, a simple apartment, or shared accommodation, as all these choices naturally differ in cost. Therefore, compare prices and make sure to choose accommodation that fits your financial situation.

4. Infrastructure:

Services and infrastructure are among the most important factors that determine whether a residence is the best place to live in Tbilisi or not. Therefore, check the availability of necessary infrastructure in the area where you intend to live, such as internet connectivity, water, electricity, and sufficient heating. There is additional information that you should know, such as whether the area provides additional services like laundry, cleaning service, or recreational facilities.

5. Facilities and Services:

When choosing your place of residence in Tbilisi, look for accommodation that provides suitable facilities for your daily needs, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, shopping centers, sports facilities, museums, and parks.

6. Transportation:

Check the availability of public transportation in the area where you intend to live. Are there bus or metro stations nearby? Can you easily access key locations in the city? These matters are important to ensure easy mobility within the city.

7. Weather:

Weather is a factor that affects the choice of the best place to live in Tbilisi. Therefore, take into account the weather conditions and whether you can tolerate cold or hot weather, as weather conditions can naturally affect your comfort, daily activities, and the type of clothing you wear.

In conclusion, if you have made your decision to study in Georgia and are looking for safe and affordable accommodation, this article will help you greatly in choosing the best place to live in Tbilisi near most universities in Georgia. We hope that we have provided all the information you need, and you can contact us if you have further questions regarding your studies and stay in Georgia – Tbilisi. We are always happy to assist you.

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