The Commercial Pilot License


Aviation and Airplanes sciences




English Language


4 years


Overview of the specialization:

The Commercial Pilot License specialization focuses on training students on the basics of flying and acquiring the skills necessary to work as a commercial pilot. It also aims to qualify students to obtain a commercial pilot license that allows them to work in the commercial aviation industry and operate commercial air transport and cargo flights.


  • Aviation rules and regulations
  • Air communications and navigation technology
  • Aircraft maintenance, safety, and security

Advantages of studying the specialization:

  • Students receive intensive practical training in the cockpit, where they learn the art of flying and the technical skills required to fly safely.
  • Students are taught all the laws and regulations related to commercial aviation, including local and international air laws and safety and security standards.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Flight instructors ,They train new students and develop their flying skills.
  • Aviation inspectors, they inspect and check aircraft to ensure compliance with technical and safety standards.
  • Pilots, They work for commercial airlines, cargo airlines, general aviation, and air transport companies.

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