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Overview of the specialization:

This specialization is a professional diploma that offers graduates a variety of opportunities in the helicopter field. It focuses on the study and application of the concepts and skills of helicopter operation and maintenance, and aims to qualify students to work in the aviation industry.

Courses and specialization branches:

  • Helicopter Structures and Systems
  • Flight and Air Navigation
  • Helicopter Maintenance and Repair
  • Electronic Devices and Control
  • Aviation Management and Air Operations
  • Safety and Security in Helicopter Operation

Advantages of studying the helicopter specialization:

  • Students study the structure of the helicopter and its various systems, the engines and electronic devices used in it. They also learn the principles of dynamics and mechanics related to the movement and stability of the helicopter.
  • Intensive practical training is provided that focuses on developing helicopter operation and maintenance skills. This includes training on safe driving and flying, takeoff and landing procedures, routine maintenance, and fault repair.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Work in rescue and air ambulance sectors.
  • Work as a helicopter pilot in the military or security sector.
  • Work as a helicopter pilot in aviation or air services companies.
  • Work as a helicopter maintenance technician in maintenance workshops and specialized helicopter maintenance centers

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