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4 years


Overview of the specialization:

Finance is a specialization that focuses on the study of money management, investments, and financing in companies and financial institutions. The specialization aims to teach students how to make strategic financial decisions, financial analysis, and financial risk management. It is also important in the field of business administration and provides wide opportunities in the economic labor market.


  • Bank management
  • Principles of insurance
  • Partial finance
  • Corporate management
  • Investment management
  • International investment
  • Principles of financial management
  • International financial management
  • Financial risk management
  • Finance and capital management
  • Financial markets and investments
  • International finance and currency management
  • Personal finance and wealth management
  • Research methods in financial sciences
  • Financial analysis and investment evaluation

Advantages of studying finance specialization:

  • Gain knowledge about how to evaluate investments, analyze financial statements, and determine the value of companies.
  • Learning how to make strategic financial decisions based on the analysis of financial data and economic factors.
  • Developing financial skills such as financial planning, capital management, investment analysis, and financial risk management.
  • Comprehensive understanding of basic financial concepts and different financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, the financial market, and financial derivatives


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Work in the stock market
  • Investment companies and funds
  • Insurance sector and financial risk management
  • Corporate treasury and financial planning
  • Work in banks and financial institutions
  • Financial consulting and personal financial planning
  • Work in the financial management of large and multinational companies
  • Work in government agencies related to financial policies.

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