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Overview of the Specialization:

English philology is a field of study that focuses on the English language, including its grammar, morphology, historical development, and detailed analysis. It aims to provide a deep understanding of the language and how to use it correctly in writing, speaking, and translation.

The program also provides students with communication skills in writing and speaking to succeed in the English-speaking workplace, as well as the basics of English language, literature, and culture in English-speaking countries. Students also acquire a set of personal skills by developing their analytical and critical thinking. It also deals with everything related to English-speaking culture and lifestyle, such as theater, poetry, films, television series, and journalism.


  • Linguistics
  • Applied linguistics
  • Translation and interpretation
  • British history
  • Contemporary linguistics
  • English philology
  • English grammar and morphology
  • History of the English language
  • Linguistic discourse analysis
  • English phonetics
  • English grammar
  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Modern English
  • English vocabulary
  • Introduction to literary theory
  • Theories and research methods
  • Literary theory and practice
  • Introduction to semantics

Advantages of Studying the Specialization:

  • The program offers students the opportunity to focus on their interests in English linguistics, literature, and culture.
  • The defining feature of the English philology program is its flexibility, as it provides students with the opportunity to tailor their studies to their interests and abilities.
  • The program aims to prepare students to work in all types of English-speaking environments by providing them with linguistic and non-linguistic skills.
  • The ability to use correct British or American English in speaking and writing, the ability to speak in public, prepare and deliver presentations, collect and process information, and work collaboratively.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Translation
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Content editing
  • Scientific research
  • Public relations
  • Law and economics
  • Literary and cinematic criticism
  • Working in foreign embassies

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