Educational sciences







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4 years


Overview of the specialization:

Educational sciences is a specialization that focuses on the study of the learning and teaching process and its impact on the individual’s personal and social development. It also aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, analyze, and improve the learning process through research and practical applications. It is also important for developing educational policies.

Courses and specialization branches:

  • Theories of learning and their applications
  • Teaching methods and assessment of educational performance
  • Building educational programs and curriculum design
  • Educational guidance and career development
  • Educational psychology and special needs students
  • Educational technology and the use of multimedia in learning

Advantages of studying educational sciences:

  • Develops educational, guidance, and organizational skills.
  • Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the learning process and the factors that influence it.
  • Learn effective teaching methods and ways to assess educational performance.
  • Gain knowledge about how to analyze student needs and design appropriate educational programs.
  • Learn how to design and implement lessons and educational programs and how to deal with the different learning challenges of students.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Educational training and development
  • Curriculum and educational program design
  • Education management and educational policy development
  • Working in the fields of educational counseling
  • Teaching in schools and educational institutions
  • Working in the field of educational research and educational evaluation

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