Civil Aviation Diplomat


Aviation and Airplanes sciences




English Language


2 Years


Overview of the specialization:

Civil aviation is a specialization that deals with the study and application of aviation concepts and skills in the civil sector. It aims to qualify students to work in the aviation industry and achieve safety in commercial and personal flights. Civil aviation is also a professional diploma that offers diverse opportunities for graduates in this field.

Courses and branches of the specialization:

  • Performance, flight, and power systems.
  • Aviation rules and regulations.
  • Aviation management and air operations.
  • Air maintenance, safety, and security.
  • Air communications and navigation technology.
  • Air theory and meteorology.

Advantages of studying civil aviation specialization:

  • How to handle emergencies, manage risks, and make the right decisions in an aviation environment.
  • Understanding air operations and aviation management, including flight planning, fuel management, cargo management, and air performance.
  • Students learn the laws and regulations of civil aviation and international standards related to safety, security, and maintenance, and how to comply with and implement these laws and regulations in practice.
  • Intensive practical training is provided that focuses on developing students’ aviation skills, including training on piloting aircraft and flying safely, take-off and landing procedures, air navigation and navigation, and air communications.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Work as an aircraft maintenance technician in maintenance workshops and centers.
  • Work as a pilot in civil aviation companies, air transport companies, and general aviation.

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