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Overview of the specialization:

Avionics is one of the engineering specializations that falls within the branches of electrical engineering. It is a form of engineering that deals with the circuits and electronic systems inside aircraft. The specialization focuses on the design and maintenance of the electronic and electromechanical systems used in aircraft. The aim of this specialization is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the field of aviation technology and maintenance of advanced electronic devices in aircraft.

Specialization branches of avionics:

  • Aircraft electronics
  • Air navigation systems
  • Air communication systems
  • Air safety and maintenance
  • Digital flight control
  • Air surveillance and control systems
  • Designing and maintaining electronic devices for aircraft

Advantages of studying the specialization of avionics:

  • studying avionics gives students the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and systems used in the field of avionics. They will also learn how to control flight, communicate, navigate, and automate air systems.
  • The aviation industry is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for experts in the field of avionics. Graduates in this specialization can find jobs in airlines, aircraft manufacturing companies, and aircraft maintenance and services companies.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Aerospace electronics maintenance
  • Aerospace electronics engineering
  • Aerospace electronics test engineering
  • Aerospace electronics system design engineering

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