Air Transport Management


Aviation and Airplanes sciences

Entrepreneurship and economics




English Language


4 years


Overview of the specialization:

Air transport management is a discipline that focuses on the management and organization of air transportation operations. It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the air transportation industry and manage airlines and airports. It also focuses on ensuring the safety and movement of aviation and improving the quality of passenger transportation services. It is worth noting that this discipline combines the basic sciences of aviation with the sciences of management and economics.


  • Air maintenance management
  • Air safety and security
  • International air transportation management
  • Air legislation and regulations
  • Flight planning and scheduling
  • Airline and airport management
  • Air operations and air traffic management

Advantages of studying air transport management:

  • The air transportation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which means there are diverse and wide job opportunities for graduates in this field.
    Due to the nature of the responsibilities associated with air transport management, graduates in this discipline often receive rewarding salaries that match their skills and experience.
  • Graduates in air transport management can work in diverse fields such as strategic planning, human resources management, marketing, air operations, and aviation safety, which gives them multiple opportunities to specialize and develop professionally.


Job opportunities for graduates:

  • Airport management
  • Airport planning
  • Airlines
  • Airline management
  • Air operations management
  • Flight planning management
  • Air safety and security management

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