7 of the Best and Cheapest Universities in Georgia

When you hear the word “Georgia”, you might only think of the American state, but there is a small corner ..

Cheapest Universities in Georgia

When you hear the word “Georgia”, you might only think of the American state, but there is a small corner of the world filled with beautiful traditions that bear the same name. Georgia is a small country located in the Caucasus region with a population of around 3.7 million people. It was part of the Soviet Union until its collapse and independence in 1991.

Universities in Georgia offer bachelor’s degrees that range from 180 to 240 credits, with a duration of three or four years. Master’s degrees are 120 credits and take two years to complete, while doctoral degrees are 180 credits and can take between two to three years. There are also longer study programs such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical science.

If you are looking to study in a European country, you can consider traveling to the enchanting city of Georgia, which has a rich history and diverse culture. In addition to your academic studies, you will undoubtedly receive a high-quality education. In this article, we will take a look at a group of the cheapest universities in Georgia, along with important information about each university to help you decide to study in Georgia.

What are the tuition fees for international students in Georgia?

Georgia has both public and private universities, and although there is a growing number of private universities, most of them are non-profit. The tuition fees for local students in Georgia usually range from $1,000 to USD 3,000. For international students studying in English, the prices are slightly higher, usually ranging from $2,500 to USD 5,000. However, there are some exceptions, and prices may increase for programs that include more specialized fields such as medicine or MBA programs.

In general, studying in Georgia is characterized by low and very reasonable prices compared to other European countries. You can easily choose the university you want to study at from the cheapest universities in Georgia. Ultimately, the exact amount for tuition fees depends on the university and program you choose.

Cheapest Universities in Georgia

How to apply for university admission in Georgia?

Local students in Georgia must pass the national unified exams to be admitted to one of the Georgian universities. However, this does not apply to international students, as some programs do not require any exams. Once you choose the university and study program you wish to pursue, you can contact the Ministry of Education and Science in Georgia (MES) and the National Center for Quality Enhancement of Education (NCEQE), which are the official bodies for international student information and assistance.

The required documents may vary depending on your degree, program, and the university you choose from the cheapest universities in Georgia. However, Georgian universities usually require academic certificates, proof of English language proficiency, and a visa application. You can complete all the procedures online, and once you are accepted, you can travel to Georgia and secure your accommodation.

Required Documents for University Admission

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport-sized photo
  • High school completion certificate
  • Translated transcript in English
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Visa application
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Recorded video interview
  • Medical insurance covering the duration of the study
  • Authorization letter from the Ministry of Georgia
  • Passing an English language test

What is the language of instruction in Georgian universities?

The official language in Georgia is Georgian, which is spoken by the majority of the population and has a writing system. It is also the primary language of instruction in universities. However, there are many study programs available that are taught entirely in English at affordable universities in Georgia. Some programs combine English and Georgian. Additionally, due to Georgia’s past as part of the Soviet Union, some residents speak Russian, so there are also programs available in Russian.

Life in Georgia

Cost of living in Georgia

The official currency in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL), and 100 GEL is approximately equivalent to 37 USD. As an international student, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for around 300 USD in the capital city, Tbilisi. Rental prices in other parts of the country will be 200 USD or less. This helps you have a financially secure study period, thanks to studying at affordable universities in Georgia, as well as the opportunity to have low-cost accommodation and living expenses. Some universities offer student dormitories that provide all living necessities.

For transportation within Georgia, you will need a monthly budget of around 10 USD, which is sufficient. Public transportation, such as metro and buses, is available for easy travel throughout the country. Moreover, Georgian citizens are known to be very friendly with visitors, and they have a popular saying, “Guests are a gift from God.” So, as a foreign student, you don’t have to worry about asking for help, as you will receive assistance from people who don’t even know your name, compared to other European countries.

 Cheapest universities in Georgia for international students

Studying in Georgia is known for its low cost, as mentioned earlier. However, several Georgian universities have a good reputation for the quality of education as well as low tuition fees. You can choose from these universities based on the program you want to study. In general, studying in Georgia will give you a unique experience in terms of academic education, vocational training, and cultural enrichment, along with lower costs compared to studying and living in any other country. Many universities in Georgia offer reasonable costs for international students. Here are some of the cheapest universities in Georgia:

 1. Georgia Technical University

Georgia Technical University (GTU) is one of the oldest and cheapest universities in Georgia, founded in 1917 by the Russian Emperor, and was the first institution of higher education in the Caucasus region. In 1922, the Technical College of Applied Sciences was established at Tbilisi State University. The departments of the Technical College of Applied Sciences were merged and made an independent college named “Georgian Technical College of Applied Sciences (GPI)” in 1928.

The university is located in the capital Tbilisi and has nine branches in the city and has about 23,000 students annually. The university has 8 faculties that cover various study programs such as construction, energy, mining and geology, sustainable mountain development, chemical and mineral technology, transport and mechanical engineering, architecture, and urban design, law and international relations, information systems and management, agricultural engineering and biosystems, business technologies, engineering economics and information technologies and social sciences, human medicine.

2. Shota Rustaveli State University:

This university is located in Batumi and was founded more than 80 years ago. The university has nine faculties that cover the fields of law, humanities, business, economics, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, technology, and tourism. The cost of studying for a bachelor’s degree is about 11,000 lari, making it one of the cheapest universities in Georgia.

3. Academy of Arts in Tbilisi:

The Academy of Arts in Tbilisi is a good choice for students who want to study arts in all its branches. The academy has four faculties that cover the fields of fine arts, design, visual arts, architecture, restoration, and art history. The academy also offers many study programs such as painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, environmental design, interior design, digital media, and photography.

4. Georgia International Film Academy (TAFU)

Georgia International Film Academy (TAFU) is highly renowned among the cheapest universities in Georgia. This university specializes in performing arts and visual arts. It was founded in 1923 and gathered professionals in the field of arts from all regions of the Caucasus.

Georgia International Film Academy is a public university and has more than a thousand students. The university has three faculties in the fields of arts and sciences, media and management; cinema and television; and drama. It also has two academic buildings in the capital Tbilisi and has a theater, a publishing house, a library, a film studio, a training center, and a museum.

TAFU offers the cheapest universities in Georgia, with bachelor’s degree programs in fields of public communication, art history and theory, arts management and cultural tourism, acting, cinema, theater directing, and many specialties in performing arts. It also offers master’s and doctoral programs in various study programs.

Tbilisi State Medical University

5. Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University was originally a faculty of Tbilisi University, and today it is the largest and most important university for health care in Georgia. The university was founded 100 years ago and has more than 10,000 students. The university also has clinics for academic teaching and practical training for students. Generally, Tbilisi Medical Academy is one of the cheapest universities in Georgia to study medicine.

The university has faculties of medicine, nursing sciences, pharmacy, dentistry, and public health. They all offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, and the nursing faculty also offers professional programs. The university is affiliated with more than 120 universities around the world and is a member of the Eastern European Medical Association. Tbilisi State Medical University offers the cheapest universities in Georgia to provide health care programs in Georgian, English, and Russian languages, and there are some programs offered in French.

6. Georgia Agricultural University

Georgia Agricultural University is a private university with between 4,000 and 5,000 students and is one of the cheapest universities in Georgia. The university has three schools in agricultural sciences, natural sciences, business and management, and technology and engineering. It also offers 18 programs; including bachelor’s programs in agriculture, chemistry, biology, forestry, food processing, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, arts, business and management, and electrical and computer engineering. It also includes master’s and doctoral programs in agricultural sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and veterinary medicine. The university has modern facilities that include 50 scientific laboratories and 17 research centers and institutes, a library, student housing, a theater, and a sports center.

7. Caucasus University

Caucasus University is a private university originally founded as Caucasus Business College in 1998 and changed its name to Caucasus University in 2004. It is one of the cheapest universities in Georgia. The university has 8 faculties law, media, business, governance, technology, social sciences, health care, and tourism. It also has modern facilities that include a courtroom, an architectural workshop, a media studio, a startup lab, an online radio, and many other facilities that help students during their study period. The university also has a high employment rate, as 98% of its graduates work.

Finally, studying in Georgia is an experience you should not miss if you want to complete your university studies abroad. You have the opportunity to choose from among the cheapest universities to study in Georgia. You can also enjoy a pleasant stay by exploring the natural landmarks, monuments, and rich history of Georgia and getting to know its friendly people. Therefore, we tried in this article to introduce you to this wonderful country to help you make the right decision about studying there. We have clarified the information that interests you as an international student who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to study at the cheapest universities in Georgia, which are of course cheaper than any university in any other European country. Now do not hesitate to contact us and complete the registration procedures at your preferred university and we will provide you with all the facilities to ensure your travel to Georgia to study and have a distinctive academic and life experience.

Source: 9 Cheap Universities in Georgia (Country) for International Students

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