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Aviation is a prestigious field that many aspire to work in, with the most famous and sought-after job being a ..

Aviation is a prestigious field that many aspire to work in, with the most famous and sought-after job being a civilian pilot. If you have completed high school and are interested in studying aviation in Georgia at an accredited international university, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will introduce Georgian Aviation University, one of the most important universities offering aviation study programs in Georgia and several European countries.

Studying aviation in Georgia

Georgia is one of the important European countries that offer study programs for international students in the field of aviation. Georgia has gained a great reputation in the aviation industry since the establishment of the Scientific Educational Institute of Aviation in 1992. This institute was later developed into the structure of Georgian Technical University in 2005, based on a government decision. Then, the Aviation Institute separated from Georgian Technical University, obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science in Georgia, and became an independent institution known as Georgian Aviation University. It is one of the leading universities sought after by students from various countries around the world who decide studying aviation in Georgia.

Studying in Georgia

Georgian Aviation University

Georgian Aviation University is a suitable destination for students interested in studying aviation in Georgia. They can obtain bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in various academic programs offered by the university, as well as diplomas in specific specialties. One of the notable features of Georgian Aviation University is its partnership as an Erasmus Mundus project organization, which allows students studying aviation in Georgia to participate in student exchange programs with European universities participating in this project. Additionally, students from foreign countries also come to study at the university, facilitating the exchange of experiences and cultures among students.

The university has obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science in Georgia. It has a professional faculty and experienced professors who assist students in achieving academic excellence alongside practical training. One of the significant advantages of studying aviation in Georgia at Georgian Aviation University is that the quality of education provided by the university opens up wide job opportunities for graduates in leading companies. They can also work in airports and civil aviation companies.

Georgian Aviation University consists of four colleges, namely:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aviation Law
  • Air Transport Operations
  • Air Transport Business Management

The university offers various study programs for students pursuing studying aviation in Georgia, including:

  • Aviation Engineering
  • Aviation Law
  • Air Transport Management
  • Aviation Electronics
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Civil Aviation Diploma
  • Helicopter Diploma

Georgian Aviation University also has a professional training center that offers the following specializations:

  • Private and Commercial Pilot Training Programs
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Engine Technician
  • Aircraft Systems and Electrical Maintenance Technician
  • Air Transport Companies Training Program
  • Airport Construction Technician
  • Accounting Training Program Studying aviation in Georgia

Why do students choose to study aviation at Georgian Aviation University?

Studying aviation in Georgia is one of the prominent academic programs in the country, making Georgian Aviation University one of the most important international universities where international students apply to pursue aviation studies in Georgia. There are several reasons why students choose Georgian Aviation University for their aviation degree:

  • Competent faculty and academic staff with extensive practical experience.
  • Continuous updating of study programs.
  • The university is located in the heart of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
  • Proximity to Tbilisi International Airport in Tbilisi, which has good infrastructure and equipment.
  • The university owns aircraft such as A-22 Airprakt, Cessna152, and Tecnam P2006T.
  • The university also has aircraft and helicopter simulators of the FNPT II MCC category, compliant with European standards.
  • Specialized laboratories equipped to the highest standards.
  • The university provides student accommodation in Tbilisi.
  • Employment opportunities abroad.
  • Exchange programs with prestigious universities in Europe.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional and international scholarship programs.

Major Careers in Aviation Engineering

During their study of aviation engineering, students gain practical experience in addition to exceptional academic education that qualifies them to work in major aviation and aircraft manufacturing companies. Therefore, upon completing aviation studies in Georgia, students have diverse job opportunities based on the degrees they obtained from the university. The most important of these jobs include:

  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Companies and Academies
  • Civil and Military Aviation
  • Aircraft Systems Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Unmanned Aircraft Programming
  • Air Security
  • Space Agencies

Requirements for Applying to Study Aviation in Georgia:

  • The student must be 17 years old or older.
  • A valid passport.
  • High school certificate.
  • Legal authorization.
  • Motivational letter.
  • Birth certificate and parents’ passports if the student is under 18.
  • Online interview and passing admission tests.

In conclusion, we have provided a detailed explanation of everything related to studying aviation in Georgia at Georgian Aviation University and the most important offerings provided by the university for international students. This information will help you make a decision regarding studying aviation engineering. Register now through our international study website in Georgia if you aspire to access prestigious jobs in the aviation field or if you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot and traveling to all countries around the world.

source: Georgian Aviation University

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